How many bottles of water should i drink a day

A normal person needs about 2000mL of drinking water a day. Because the food you eat also contains water, about 300-400mL, if you often make soup, porridge, or drink soup, the amount of drinking water can be appropriately reduced, but each person can not be less than 500mL a day.

It is recommended that in mild climate conditions, adults with light physical activity should drink at least 1200 ml of water a day, taking a 200 ml cup as an example, so that is 6 cups of water. If the amount of physical activity is large, or the ambient temperature is high, then it is appropriate to drink more water.

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How much water do babies and toddlers need a day?

Infants and toddlers need more water than adults, but less water in total. In half, the baby needs about 150 ml/kg of water in 24 hours, and then subtract 25 ml/kg every 3 years. The water requirements of infants and adults are similar, but also need to be calculated according to the weight of the kilogram, and the baby itself is not very clear to express their intentions, so parents must pay attention to give children enough water to avoid dehydration.

If you are dehydrated, how should you hydrate?

It should be explained here that healthy people in normal life, even if you do not deliberately to drink water, under normal circumstances, there is no lack of water, because the human body has a very good regulatory function for the balance of water and sodium, if there is too much water evaporation, there will be thirst, then naturally people will look for water to drink.

If people lose a lot of body fluids because of disease, not simply lose water, in fact, they will lose some electrolytes, for this situation is more complicated, often need doctors to hydrate according to the specific situation, rather than simply drink water.

For dehydration caused by disease, it is not only necessary to supplement water, but also to supplement electrolytes, which is most closely related to dehydration is sodium. If water and sodium are lost in equal proportions, then we call it isotonic dehydration; If it dehydrates more, it is hypertonic dehydration; If more sodium is lost, then it is hypotonic dehydration. In general, only hypertonic dehydration can cause thirst, while hypotonic dehydration and isotonic dehydration generally do not cause thirst.


The water required by the human body every 24 hours is calculated according to the human kilogram weight, for most people, 2000~2500mL of water per day is the most basic needs, and this contains all sources of water in the human body, such as food, drinking water and metabolic water, metabolic water actually refers to the water produced by some reactions in the human body. This part of the water is relatively small, about 300ml a day, so the vast majority of the water or rely on external supplements.

Appropriate to drink more water is very beneficial to the human body, there is no need to be afraid of drinking too much water can not be discharged, because our kidneys have enough ability to metabolize the water that the human body drinks, so for healthy people, usually develop the habit of drinking water is very beneficial to health.